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Who We Are

 Since we opened our doors in 2006, Marilyn Barker has been helping small business owners fulfill their potential. She does this through personalized instructions, classes, website help and social media interaction. 

Marilyn has over 20 years sales experience. The dream to be a small business owner started with her Mother who owned her own chain of small restaurants in the 80's and 90's.  Since becoming a Independent Consultant and realizing her dream of being able to provide for her family and be home with her daughter, Marilyn has moved her business in the direction of helping others.  Marilyn finds helping others succeed in their chosen small business rewarding and is determined to help them in areas they may not be comfortable in. Social Media and the Internet. 

meet Marilyn

Marilyn is always learning more about Online Advertising, Social Media Platforms and Motivation and Goal Setting. As a leader in Women's Networking, Marilyn has the opportunity to help others boost their business and network with other like minded business owners to get their businesses in front of the clients needing their products and services.  

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